I am originally from the South (South Carolina to be exact).  Things are slow to change in the South.  It’s no surprise that I don’t like change – it’s in my genes.

I currently live in Montpelier, Virginia. Also technically the South, but it feels suspiciously Northern due to it containing Washington DC, which is decidedly NOT the South.  Just ask any Southerner.

I grew up in the 80’s.  Greatest.Pants.Decade.Ever.  Skinny jeans?  As IF

I have a horrible sense of direction. Once I have to make 2 turns, I need a GPS.  I pay homage to Mapquest every night* (*not a true story)

I have 2 kids – both currently pre-tween girls.  I also have a husband, a dog, a cat, and a bunny.  The bunny was an unsanctioned purchase while I was out of town, and I am only affiliated with it by proximity. Even though it is cute.  Which in no way makes up for the acquisition.

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